Journeys in eleven dimensions

by maggie

Sometime last spring I was asked to produce an image of the eleventh Dimension. Lucky there was an incursion that week in the back garden and i managed to capture this image.


Then of course I got a little distracted from my Maps of Hyper-space, Star Charts and what have you.

I’ve got all these fragments, ideas and concepts. Images made out of substance and texture (working from the base of rock paper scissors.). But i’m really struggling with arranging them I’m a coherent and meaningful way. Okay sightly meaningful – pleasant and thought provoking.
I’m trying to avoid, general and specific confusion here. This blog is named after my long neglect ‘broidery, of which the final image which is slowly emerging from a few simple rules. [Straight lines and circles, 90 and 45 degrees and sets of colour changes.]
Journeys in Eleven Dimensions (J11D) are going to be based on a similar set of rules. Which will no doubt be bent and broken a some point.
But first I need to come up with the rules
As well a producing lots (too man) collagraph plates over the summer, i’ve been trying to nail down some sizes and proportions for final images. Most of that however is a matter of opinion or subjective to context. Teacher encourages prints to be made with plenty of white space as a boarder. the paper is imperial size, lots of there art materials come in A series size. squares are square. What proportion are you rectangles? 1:2, golden ratio, 2:3, 3:7…
Then there is what goes in the image. Last year I was looking Charts: sea sky, land. Everything in the image is there for a reason, to convey a message. There are icons and symbols and a legend, but not everything is explained. Just look at the public transport maps of your local city. How much information is left off as well. Once you know about how one set of maps works you can have a good guess about transport in a strange city. I tried to recreate that feeling last year with my Starcharts. But there is only so much you can do with out putting any language in the image at all.
So how do you navigate in eleven dimensions?
I’m feeling sympathy for Mr A Square from E.A. Abbott’s Flatland here. What do you need to know?
[ My personal interpretation of Hyperspace for these series of projects comes from Samuel R. Delany’s Babel-17 which is plotted by sound and smell as well as sight. ]
Can you swap dimension out with each other? Does it take effort to leave our four for their seven? Can you travel any how or only in certain places.? What a bout scale; the very small, the very big? Our space is mainly empty, or full of dark matter – depending when you last studied science. Does it matter that you can fit the know universe on to an A4 page because that’s all you can see with the naked eye.
Lots to think about and mean while there is experimenting with inks and papers and plates