Paper Fights

by maggie

It half terms so I am catching up on things.

I’ve just spent an hour fighting with this piece of paper.

It is 1.5 meters square and I’m folding it into 64 equal part. Sofar it’s 16 one way and 32 the other. It’s hard work. The paper is wider than my arms can reach and also the same size as my working area. The end point of all this is origami for a J11D plate. Unless it gets eaten by cats or rage monsters first.

It took another couple of hours to make all the folds, but it got easier as the folds got closer together, only problem is there are so many of them.


Here is the finished 64. Sir grid with a few rotated square ser in it. I’m so glad I folded the whole sheet in preparation as I made huge mistakes with my calculation.and here’s the finished tessellation the correct size to be stuck down on to an A2 board.