Signaling from mars

by maggie


oragne?/orange… and that’s a little book of Fabriano paper, the one thing in this project that isn’t orange 

So in a moment of febrile enthusiasm I started another project. Only it’s not really another project it’s ‘what to do with all that orange paper – and the 40 A6 clip frames filling the shelves of the shed’.




Here is a small selection of the orangey type papers. Okay some are defiantly brown or grey.

So the cunning plan, more cunning than a… lots of bits that came together and will hopefully go somewhere.

  • There are lots of images of Mars out there; try Nasa. Some of them aren’t even orange/rust coloured. Some of them are more obvious than others
  • Signals from Mars are inherently mysterious.
  • My bits of distressed paper have something of a fractal nature about them that goes with the geology or areology theme.
  • The small size of the image [frames are actually 10by15 for a post card or snap] makes producing a series easier.
  • You get to focus on a small detail or composition
  • Use of scale or measurement device to unite images – over printing?
  • A progression of images – tracking ‘aerial photography’ from one frame to the next
  • Serieses, or groups
  • some other stuff, no doubt… …

Here’s something I made as a start. There may be over printing or something to tie everything together. It’s certainly floating in space a bit at the moment. maybe the random paper I have as backing at the moment needs more character.


To Do: Lay everything out, move things around. Identify the gaping plot holes. Rinse, repeat.

It’s something I can do in the warm with only a pair of scissors and a glue stick at hand. Until I get stuck again.