Upcycling – part 3

by maggie

In the third week of the class I finally got the size of block I had asked for week one. because I couldn’t soak the blocks before class I only got an afternoons worth of printing done. The work produced therefore is a bit of everything from the last two weeks of the course.I used Schmincke Linoprint colours this time. I’ve used them before on Seasonal Greeting cards so as I had them lying around I thought I’d see how they’d compare to water colours. Also some of these blocks are quiet large and eat up colour. I used nori as well on all the prints i made.


Over print last week’s squiggle with circle array [with bokashi*]


These first two images were printed on bread and butter paper. [which is a standard boring paper for printing proofs.] it was dampened, but probably needed more water than it got. It definitly needs more colour on the plate than the other paper i’ve mainly be using – Hahnamuhle’s Sumi-e – hence the white areas on the print.


over print same block rotated 180 degrees

Yet again the 25cm block doesn’t fit on my printer, but you get the idea. this week I mixed up two colours. The ‘black’ you see here is a mixture of schmincke black, process yellow and gold. Not a black at all, but that special green you get. The red ochre colour is process red and yellow (and gold), less red than than others.

Like the jigsaws from week one I asked for these circles to be cut out of a 150 cm square. They were inked up and fitted back together to hold them in the correct place. Unfortunately it was more fiddly than I had anticipated, hence finger marks etc. As a natural material the ply wood expands unequally so circles became ellipses. I really liked the little 35mm wooden pennies i ended up with. I have plans.


circle array – there’s the negative of this too


This is the kind of image I had been hoping for. Yeh, it works! I cut the keno registration by hand on the block, because reasons – laser cutter still recalcitrant. Actually the block is 150 mm square as you see it and there’s a separate L shaped registration block, so I can use week two’s block too. Hah


look the registration works!


These little prints are on heavier watercolour paper, which I actually soaked. They are much smaller than the blocks and I placed them where I thought they would be most interesting. As ever need more colour to get flat colour. I was adding the Lino print stuff almost neat to the block with a brush, and going back and adding more where I thought it needed it. To pick up different parts of the pattern etc.


many A7 prints

these, or some like them may get over printed with circles/pebble shapes, or included in a Signal from Mars.

And leafing though the sketch book I came upon a sample of what might happen to some of the circle elements.


a possible application for all those plywood pennies

The laser cutter course at Morley has had it’s ups and downs. In the end, however it’s given much food for thought, and shown up different possibilities for work. It’s made me realise that I don’t dislike relief printing, just sometime the method in which it is carried out.