Magic Squares!

by maggie

In November I sort of ground to a halt with the star chart stuff and put it to the side for bit. This january half term teacher is leading another dry point suite class. The last one ended up as a book. I thought I could make some bits for J11D, which could stand alone by themselves.jana-11

So I cooked up a cunning plan.


Working on a 3 x3 grid of 10cm squares I could introduce little bits of starry detail and some heft of colour. The 10 cm squares could later be incorporated in to a larger star map.


i.e. the squares on the outside


or something anyway

The plan was to introduce some tension between the drawing and the arrangement of colour within the 3 x3 grid.

I even careered off down a rabbit hole to work out how many different arrangements of squares in a 3 x 3 grid there are.


here they all are. i won’t show you my proofs.

I’m not sure how successful this project is going to be, as at the moment I only have high level concepts for it. I need to know which details are going on the 10m sqrs? to be paired with which colours? And I haven’t really sat down and planned out the contents of my star charts are going to be. i haven’t got an admiralty or a nasa to do all the survey work for me… But these elements i’m working with aren’t new. Here’s a post from last year. Good thing it’s there to remind me what I’ve already done.
I’ve five weeks starting on the 11th jan. hopefully I’ll manage to corral my ambition into that time period.