Star wind

by maggie

For this five week course i’ve been reusing polycarbonate plates i’ve used before. The dry point burr gets squashed by the press after awhile and so the image fades.

In the previous post I detailed the construction of the plate and all the different techniques i put it though. Here are are the resulting prints. All together I managed 10 prints, but you can see the last one is a shadow of it’s former self.



Here you can see that the drill holes are with solid ink or paper/no ink, depending on depth. Compare this print with the third, where a more delicate wiping technique was used.


This time the plate was inked up with orange (2Y:1R) and then on the last wipe was made with a scrim with blue ink to add contrasting colour.


Here the print was wiped with newsprint rather than the scrim. this technique gather the ink around the burr it strengthen the line. This print is a proximately the 7th print so already beginning to lose burr.


Chine collé was very popular with all the students this year. This print is white ink over navy paper. It’s not quiet as crisp as this in real life unfortunately.


This was the last print made from this plate and I struggled to get a deep black. I used soft black, which probably didn’t help, but it’s worked well elsewhere. The star burst behind it is more chine collé. The white dots are from an incomplete clearing from the previous image.