by maggie

You might recognise the plate used in this post from last year. Although it’s been moved on from there a little bit.

Here we have the first pass, inked up in soft black. I’ve added circles scratched around stickers, much more riffler and some kind square file to the edges.


I also hatched in some of the areas to add dark areas/tone. As usual there is probably a whole series of images here that i’ve rushed past on the way to some big idea…


This is a very gentle wipe that was printed onto a prepared paper. I rolled ink on to thin paper some time last year. You don’t have to use plain papers for chine collé, anything will do as long as it doesn’t resolve when you paint on the glue


And there was me thinking I would manage to get all this prints the same way up! Here’s another white on blue image.

I think maybe I need to get a better understanding on how the fluidity of inks affects the print, because all of the inks used were long (runny) and the images especially the tonal areas could probably be improved with sticker inks

And here’s a print with more white space to it. I had a bit of a mistake with a couple of the pieces of the chine collé and put them through the press glue side down so they didn’t stick. Can you tell which ones they were? I had to turn them over to glue them down, lucky there were on tissue so the printing showed through.