Big plate – work in progress

by maggie

As dry point is a quick process part of this half term was to make a series of related prints. Lat summer I managed ‘to contemplate a tangled bank’*, but this time I haven’t managed anything as comprehensive.

The plates have got bigger, and more self involved.

This plate is 35 x 46.5cm. It’s a new one so first off I put a bit of tone on it first. I cut shapes from sandpapers and ran them through the press. I used soft black on this test print, which left a lot of plate tone.

img_1287Doesn’t look like much

I wanted to put a grid across it as if it was a map and spent a bit of time working out which angle to put it at. The grid size is 10cm. [I haven’t completely lost the plot from ‘magic squares’ completely.]

Then I stated on the drawing. Using stickers as markers I haven’t got that far yet.

Here is a second state with some chine collé to test proceedings. Once started decisions on what to do next get easier. But I’m not sure I do know what i am doing.

i think this is upside-down in comparison with the previous image

There’s doing to be a lot more drawing before this is finished. if i can be bothered.


*Check the ‘spring green’ category at the very bottom of the page.

I thought i would post this too after playing with the levels in the photo app. maybe one day i’ll make a print with a non rectangular plate, in stead of taking dodgy photos.