Cactus status 2017

by maggie


 What another year passed?

Things are mostly going from strength to strength here. This is the plants first trip outside this year. They were repotted a few weeks ago and so most of them got to get their first watering too shortly after the photo was taken.

The more observant among you will notice a few absentees. Tall, Green and Boring, got very badly licked last summer, and lost what good looks it had, but that was no reason to get ride of it. then one of the glochid types got badly damaged and the rot set in. You can see my attempts at rerooting the remains in the centre of the picture. While I was in surgery mode I discovered that Tall, Green and Boring had damage to the growing point, so I put it out of its misery (because i don’t have half and acre of desert for it to recover in).

The three tiddlers in ceramic pots are brand new. They won’t be watered until they recovered from their repotting. I’m a sucker for a misshapen lump, but i’m also hoping the little one on the right will recover from me handling the loverly bloom it had and expand into something  elegant.

When I repotted everything some of the guys looked as if something had been nibbling on the roots, hiss boo. I washed off as much soil as possible so hopefully they’ll recover like the last one did. I only got one size of pot so if they look a little on the large size for the plant they’ll mainly be full of pea shingle rather than soil.

The collection won’t be so easy to handle now I can’t fit them all in the photo tray.

Such is life.