Party of the 1st part: (1-13)

by maggie

On Saturday I spent an angst free afternoon fiddling around with bits of paper and clip frames. There were few expectations and varied out comesThere’s a big box of clip frames in the shed. The house mate used to liberate them from the charity shop they volunteered at. I hate clip frames, especially the small ones – A6, they’re just so Ahhhhhhh! Any way there are over forty of that size in the collection. and I have too do something with them – i’m not devious to slip them into other people’s recycling, am I? Damn too late.

Signals from mars wasn’t working in this format.

So I just thought i’d put some things together and give them a big grandiose name, hence:

Party of the First Part: an Occasional Series

I’ve put 14 images together so. I reserve the write to take them apart and fiddle with them in the scanning software or junk them etc. Or add to them if/when I find something suitable. And I will, because I have a folder of scaps cut from publications that’s over an inch thick. But that’s a different story altogether.

Did you want to see them?