Map making I

by maggie

This  second half of the summer term is going to be devoted to my on going star chart project that I reviewed over easter.

It’s taken me all this time to go out and buy some more Button Polish to seal the plates.

I started with the Index sheet. Here is what the plate looks like now it’s been varnished. I don’t anticipate the print to look exactly like this. The heavy outline of the scribble should disappear to leave tonal zones that follow the drawing. In addition the tracing paper the scribble was transcribed on to has  many folds which I intend to show up.

I’ve just realised that this photo is upside down.¡

The scribble took a while to emerge and isn’t the slightest bit spontaneous. There were various versions about A6 size, then A3. It was laboriously squared up, bits moved and extra twiddles added. once I have a proof I can decide what other adjustments are needed.

The tracing paper was folded 8 x 8. One might therefore infer that the 64 maps I plan for the series represent a square of the grid. But then this is hyperspace and 64 parts worth making could be anywhere.

There is also a chance I’ll make a second plate for this sheet showing some of those areas of interest, or perhaps I’ll add on some chine collé to mark a spot X. The legend when I get round to designing it will go on the outside as part of the turkish map fold.


This image and the next are two backgrounds I’ve been considering for the charts themselves. Once I had had the cunning plan of a large central square flanked by two a third the size I thought I could get away with one plate that I just swapped the image areas in and out. But no luck. I’m just cack handed and impatient that that won’t work, at least a my current level of mad skills.

That of course leaves me with visions of a future buried under piles of A2 mount board. However with Collagraph rebuilding and remodeling the plates is relatively straight forward. Watch this space.

Rotated squares: the larger the squares in proportion to the unit size the gentler the rotation.

The inside of a sheet of honeycomb cardboard.