Maps V

by maggie

For this last post of this half term here’s a summary of work so far. As well as the two plate prints for the index sheets I’ve also been varying the colour on the main plate.

In addition I’ve also started working on the first sheet of the series.

Here we have three colour variations of the Index sheet. The plate was inked up with more than one colour. There must be a way of wiping that doesn’t involve mixing up the colours so much, but I don’t know it.

This first print has yellow in the centre and increasing (though tiny) amounts of black to make green.

The second print is a mix of the remaining green and then some black. Once the plate had been wiped I rolled red relief ink over the surface of the plate.

The third print is red and black and shows the texture in the ‘background’ that I’ve decided I want to get rid off. That’s a chore for the summer break



You might have seen this composition before in one of my posts. It’s made from two plates; the honeycomb back ground and a set of acetates cut to size. [that makes four plate in fact] I rolled on relief ink and then I used a stencil to roll on the green ink. As a method it has a certain brutal charm but doesn’t communicate all the delicacy of the original (see below). Now how to get that gradation…IMG_1424feba-1

This print is the ‘negative’ when i printed up the really thin silk paper a couple of weeks ago. the paper is so thin that the ink has gone through the single layers. using paper like this has gotten me thinking about whether maps of hyperspace would have more than two dimensions, I’m not sure how that would happen.


I’m sorry the photos aren’t the best, I still haven’t worked out how to get the paper to lie flat all the time.