by maggie

So they aren’t actually space ships because they travel through hyperspace or what ever it its. And they aren’t actually spaceships because my arm drew them on the paper. Does your arm ever do that, just come out with things you aren’t expecting? Well the lump has all the things a space ship needs, air, water, food, a propulsion system (them’s not guns).

What are you surprised you can see right through it?

DSCN1536I don’t know what it is called when you draw a continuous loop on a page like this; maths must have some word. Any way you can colour it with just two colours, if the loop is closed and the same colour areas only meet at the corners, as if it were a very deformed chess board. The ship above is made or more than one loop, but the same logic applies.

So I drew the thing and went yeah its a space ship (or whatever) that goes with my maps. And coloured in life support, a viewing deck and something dangerously mauve. Then I wondered what other kinds of vessels might be slipping though hyper space while having a heavy bout of insomnia.

So this happened

So okay space vessels?

Might they appear, if not on maps, then at least on images of hyperspace or something. I had some spare bits of hyperspace and made a quick plate. Deciding as I did so that space vessels are liveried in British Racing Green.

Not the best plan as dark green doesn’t stand out that well in space, but there you go.


not the best loop either

Maybe there’ll be a change in policy. Meanwhile when building plates or making hyperspace becomes too hard, there’s alway an opportunity to sketch another ship of the line.


Must be the hold that’s empty


A particular eye watering part of hyperspace