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Month: April, 2018

More flowery experiments

So the last set of flowers were patterns from a variety of places but all identified as flowers. Some of the examples used the sock wool I made my little blanket from, other are silk embroidery thread.

Most of this set however are general patterns that you would piece together to make a blanket or something. The yellow (No 8) and blue are crochet cottons. Those on the right embroidery cotton again. The green one with the swirl, omitting the flower in the purple

Possibly these patterns aren’t suitable for my rosey wreath.



The next book?

I signed up for the Japanese wood block print and book binding course for the second time, and have a vague idea what kind of books we might be making. I was doodling on the train the other day and came up with these.

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Life continues on hard mode and I have discovered a whole set of easter eggs I had no idea about. So until usual service resumes here is a slice from the archive.


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Now I just have to get pastel off the scanner bed.