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Here be Dragons

Much has changed since the last time I updated the tale of the Dragon Tea Party pot. Here’s the story so far. In so much that it is now definitely a Dragon tea party and no one else. I also have, paper ink, a design and a reluctantly a change in block material. Where to start but with the Dragons I think. Read the rest of this entry »


I know, I know

I know i’m holding a lot back, or in, or down. I can be honest with myself that far. Anything more than a furious back scribble takes planning and time. Giving me the opportunity to edit out any vulnerabilities.
So there i’ve said it. Read the rest of this entry »

Magic Squares?

This post will definitely make more sense when i’ve posted last week’s exciting episode.
Hopefully… Read the rest of this entry »

Dried Frog Pills?

I’m running a bit a head of the other students in the Wood Cut class so I wanted to have ago at some other images. Something simple and straight forward. Read the rest of this entry »

My Dad’s Chair

Yesterday I was thinking about stuff, and how it passes though your life. When we were little my Dad always sat in a bent wood arm chair at the table. When he died my brother had the chair. I would recognise it anywhere: the colour, the grain on the seating. When I tried to draw it though I wasn’t sure of its geometry. What was the back like? How many legs? Legs?

Here’s a drawing.

This is not a chair

This is not a chair

Then I realised that yesterday Dad would have been been 72
Happy Birthday Dad.


Charlie’s Arm

On friday we went to Cambridge, to the Fitzwilliam, to see Silent Partners: Artist & Mannequin from Function to Fetish.


I grew up with our own lay figure. He’s always been a rather silent remote figure, about 1/3 life size. A long time ago someone broke Charlie’s Elbow. Ever since he’s cradled it on his lap. He was rescued from a life of target practice.


I did another drawing after this one. A kind of g*d finger Sistine Chapel style, but it didn’t come out as well. I think I straightened it out too much. Or maybe I was getting tired.

This drawing from life is a challenge.

All the best


By the River

So a New Year, and New Year Resolutions.

I’ve just one. Leave the house every day. Everything else will grow from these foundations

Don’t worry I haven’t been sitting around moping – you know I have plenty to do all day.

But getting out, getting some exercise, getting a new perspective is what 2015 should be about.

Where to go though when I don’t have an errand to run? Where to go what ever the weather?

By the river – 1/2 a mile of nature and activity, 1 1/2 miles of suburban back streets.

Don’t over think it: just watch the ideas come and go by. Read the rest of this entry »

The Silent Library

This is something that I have been meaning to write about for a while,as you can see although this post falls between two dated Oct 8 2014 and Oct 22 2014 it was actually written in the summer of 2017 and was started in July 2015.
The Silent* Library is the name I gave to a set of Artists Book, visual journals or what ever. Two of the books belonged to my brother one of which helped him get into Art School and the other is over full of zombies and killers robots the kind of things you might expect from male teenage angst.
Some of my books are filled with a more robust repressed despair, although further I get from the source of my grief the more investigative and less terribly personal they become. Although its good to note that none of the images in the gallery below were made after the date this post was posted. I finally feel able to write about these books because some of the images in them are appearing in my general work and I want to be able to give them a context.

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