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The queue and other English-isms

This is going to be a post in progress, so bare with me please.
I’ve been doing some drawing while in sw19, which has been frequently interrupted by rain and following quaint local customs. But I’ll attempt to document my progress here. Read the rest of this entry »


Live still

Now that my new shiny pills and I have arrived at some sort of consensus I have managed to do something constructive. Not as much as I had hoped, but it beats sleeping on the sofa all day and climbing the walls with insomnia all night.

Read the rest of this entry »

Still live?

This week has been quite tough.
I have been working on my still-lifes, but it has taken the imminent posting of this post to assemble them for the first time. I’ve been thinking about frame sizes and shading when I really need to just put things on paper (and the cutting out takes hours). Anyway… Read the rest of this entry »