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The completed print on display as part of the AUTOPRINT exhibition

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Some proofs of plates

it took a while to sort out the pressure on the letterpress – the hazard of working with squashy materials. I used red for most of the proofs, because black is boring and the blue ink gets everywhere. Read the rest of this entry »

Another bunch?

More foam, more flowers? So what did we learn from the last experiment. Don’t be too ambitious…

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Some kind of daisy

Here is the finished image that I started a few weeks ago. It takes a couple of weeks to print a relief print, as you have to wait for the ink to dry between applications of the new blocks. Here follows an explanation of my dubious technique for printing with foam shapes. Read the rest of this entry »


So this post is a bit of a work in progress. I am working out as I go along how the sticky foam pieces work in the letter press, and also how I can get lots of colours onto the ‘same’ pressing.

Lets start with a snap of the first plate. I’ve taken some prints from it already, that’s why it’s red. I’m now thinking about cutting it up so that i can ink the various elements separately, and make a second plate with shadows and a flat surface to put the vase on.


Sticky foam shapes originally, castles, hearts and flowers make up this bouquet. The surface is glittery which gives an aquatint effect under lower pressures in the press.

The first proofs should be dry soon so I can use them to work on this A3 sized composition.


AutoPrint – Flowers


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