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Not everything has to be orange 2

I’m going to leave this one as an exercise for the reader



Not everything has to be orange 1

So the radio silence does have a really big reason. Ive taken up forensic accounting and in my spare time trying to make something light and amusing.

Second ones a close up

Too saccharine?

Definitely not finished.

Ruined another frock on this one


I’ll be ready to write about the big reason at some point


Not that ive actually managed to post about my finalized mars print, but ive decided i really dont like it. Its not me.

So im going for something a bit different:

Just a first sketch, proof of concept type thing. Not total thrown the baby out with the bath water, just…


Fallen among thieves

Someone has introduced me to Acrylic Flow painting. Im not sure if i am very very sorry or not. At least I haven’t bought any more art supplies. Read the rest of this entry »

The next book?

I signed up for the Japanese wood block print and book binding course for the second time, and have a vague idea what kind of books we might be making. I was doodling on the train the other day and came up with these.

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Major Tom?

So this half term i’ve been working with some of the plates i’ve made at City Lit almost a decade ago. I’m reworking them for the Planet Box Set Project college is running. Read the rest of this entry »

Signals for Mars

As part of Morley college’s celebration of the centenary of Holst’s Planet Suite the print department is asking students to produce some related images. I first heard vague stuff about this back in the autumn and had a few thoughts – yes my brain went galloping off in all directions. Here are some more… Read the rest of this entry »

Signaling from mars


oragne?/orange… and that’s a little book of Fabriano paper, the one thing in this project that isn’t orange 

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