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Printing hasn’t been gaining particularly smoothly recently and the frustrations have been piling up on a number of different levels. Here’s a look at two projects that haven’t gone strictly according to plan. Read the rest of this entry »


Error: Low Spoons – Reboot?

No pictures this week, I’m giving myself a breathing space to catch up. The last little while has been quite hard in RL, but I woke up this morning feeling things were more manageable again.

There are a slew of posts to catch up on, some of which might appear before tomorrow when this is scheduled. (Or not, but they are appearing now. 25:4:16)
Summer term starts this week at Morley College, with new projects to look forward to. I haven’t abandoned Starcharts or the Eleventh Dimension: they are just leaving off for a little editorial soaking right now.
I’m pleased to say that the more I learn how much there is to know about printing the happier I am. The next six weeks is a more in depth look at etching techniques. Before Easter I went out and bought some nice ink in blue and red so you might be able to guess the subject matter of the plates. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of results I get. The final half term of the year is about producing a series of narrative dry points. It’s been a long time since I showed anything much representational here on my blog, so we’ll see how that goes. Let’s just say I brought some Spring Green ink along with the cerulean and ruby red.
Thank you for you patience.

Dry Point Too

While Dry Point is all about the burr, printing plates is about the application of ink. Practice (and experience) makes perfect, but how many prints can you produce in 2.5 hrs. Read the rest of this entry »


So another bank holiday, another trip to the countryside. In the garden they have these huge yew hedges. They are certainly a challenge to draw. There is large pallet of greens and the volume aren’t quiet regular enough to be reliable.

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The queue and other English-isms

This is going to be a post in progress, so bare with me please.
I’ve been doing some drawing while in sw19, which has been frequently interrupted by rain and following quaint local customs. But I’ll attempt to document my progress here. Read the rest of this entry »

Off on a trip!

For about 36 hrs earlier this week I was going on a trip over Easter.
My first response was to plan what are materials I would be taking. All my other packing would be fitted around this.


Here you can see the first pass of supplies. Far too many colour pencils. Lots of small pieces of paper.

I sent a few hours staining a booklet of rough paper before the trip was called off. I’ve got to find some there sunny place to fill the book with. But is got me thinking, just what is it that I hope to achieve with all this kit and what’s the best way to go about it.


Cat o’clock

This is the view over my mums back yard when ever the cats decide to wake me at stupid dark o’clock.

20131203-212450.jpg Read the rest of this entry »

Lorem ipsum dolor

I’ve been very busy this week moving house (temporarily). I haven’t had much time to think successfully about a new post – maybe I’m just a little obsessed over innovation and moving forward. I have however been playing around with a painting app and revisiting a few subjects. So here are some familiar images. Read the rest of this entry »

The Roaches

This last weekend was spent in a rather misty Staffordshire. An exciting experiment in working in ever changing light conditions. We stayed at Rock Hall right under the rocks. On Saturday the visibility was so poor you couldn’t see the Upper Tier from the top of the Lower Tier, but by the after the whole valley was in bright sun. I like working with the very flat light you get in over cast weather, but it didn’t make modelling the grit stone boulders any easier. All these images were made on site, some in situ, some back at the table outside Rock Hall, instead of balance precariously on damp rocks. Read the rest of this entry »

Tiny Landscapes