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Bears in a window 1

When I mentioned Bears in a window a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t thinking very hard about the subject – it was just another series of sketches in my Window book. But saying something about the motif, meant I was doing something about it, and over the weeks I‘ve discovered that I had a lot of assumptions about it that I hadn’t acknowledged.

Working through them, has (will) undoubtedly produced a better work, but it’s not going to be anything like what I thought it might be.

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Through glass darkly

I don’t have any pictures of the flats I briefly stayed in during 2008 because my hard drive died. I do have sketches though and thought that they might make a good window print. I was feeling particularly disconnected at the time and looking out from this cool grey room at the verdant spring growth summed up a lot of things. Read the rest of this entry »

I know, I know

I know i’m holding a lot back, or in, or down. I can be honest with myself that far. Anything more than a furious back scribble takes planning and time. Giving me the opportunity to edit out any vulnerabilities.
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The other day we went to see the Eric Ravilious at the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

I wanted to write something substantial for this but words fail me. Here’s a review from the guardian.

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Summer nights

Here’s an attempt at painting an idea.

In the first one I got carried away and left out an element.

In the second, I faithfully copied reality.

In the third, I went with the idea.

Which one works best?



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Some Windows


Hot Summer Night

Hot Summer Night

A picture is framed, by nothing more than the edge of the supporting medium. Making a window of the picture adds an extra layer of interpretation to the picture. The picture plane is not infinite. Having to look though a window changes what you see in a picture. Standing inside, looking out. Looking in standing outside. There’s an extra layer between you and the view. Read the rest of this entry »