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Talking not Doing

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Cactus status 2017


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Through glass darkly

I don’t have any pictures of the flats I briefly stayed in during 2008 because my hard drive died. I do have sketches though and thought that they might make a good window print. I was feeling particularly disconnected at the time and looking out from this cool grey room at the verdant spring growth summed up a lot of things. Read the rest of this entry »

Upcycling – Part 2

The plot thickens. Or maybe it’s just the overall level of confusion and wilful ignorance.


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Signaling from mars


oragne?/orange… and that’s a little book of Fabriano paper, the one thing in this project that isn’t orange 

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Paper Fights

It half terms so I am catching up on things.

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Getting ideas to stick

I’ve run out of words for J11D so i’ll show you a whole lot of pictures with some comments, including details of the Turkish Map Fold.

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Journeys in eleven dimensions

Sometime last spring I was asked to produce an image of the eleventh Dimension. Lucky there was an incursion that week in the back garden and i managed to capture this image.


Then of course I got a little distracted from my Maps of Hyper-space, Star Charts and what have you.

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Making Stars

New term, new opportunities in the print studio. After last years buzzing around chasing butterflies, I would like to settle down and produce something a little more coherent. Last year was a good foundation, but now I would like to go back and pick up some of my dropped stitches and see where they take me.

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Here’s the third state which I started editioning. I’ve learnt not be too greedy and try and print too many at a time, because you will start making mistakes.


I’ve added more tone and detail.