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Time out…

 Things are a bit hard at the moment, so although I’ve lots of stuff done and lots of stuff on going you’re getting a shed picture.
Yeah individual strawberry pavlova and strawberry tea just about sums it up. I’m okay really, just had a few things flagged up that are going to take a while to process.

The first few weeks of term I was busy with a commission (is it still a commission if you commission yourself?).

Now I can step back and work out what I want to do next.

– I’m not sure if the V&A are doing Inspired By any more so there’s no rush with the dragon pot but I still want to finish it

– There are always more Maps

– Or there is option C

So it goes



Yet another distraction…

I probably should have made oooh Shiny! a tag a long time ago. Admittedly I have been playing around with this particular Shiny for a while now but It’s only just reach peak Hyperspace. It took a long time for me to get into crochet (until I finally crumpled under the boredom of knitting) an almost immediately went off piste, and now I have succumbed to the hypnotic counting of Hyperbolic Crochet. Read the rest of this entry »

Map VIII -Exercises in Futility

I tried to do some new sketches for my 64 maps of hyperspace. It was hard. I even wrote some blurb, but I lost it. Anyway here are some examples of three weeks of frustration. When I’m feeling a little more relaxed about the experiment I’ll come back and comment on them fully. Read the rest of this entry »

I know, I know

I know i’m holding a lot back, or in, or down. I can be honest with myself that far. Anything more than a furious back scribble takes planning and time. Giving me the opportunity to edit out any vulnerabilities.
So there i’ve said it. Read the rest of this entry »

Losing the Plot (a bit)

I’ve been struggling with the star charts, and so they have fallen away somewhat while i’ve dealt with all the other projects I’ve managed to involve my self with. It’s taken awhile to get everything sorted out it my head let alone on paper, so this is why this post is being written in January even though the problem arose in November.* Read the rest of this entry »

August Hiatus

This is definitely a time travel Wednesday post. Real Life certainly got in the way of the second half of August. I spent far to much time bimbling in the Surrey Hills with aged relatives. Which would have been nice if I could have stopped for some drawing or some such.

Like the time we went to Leith Hill and it was so misty you couldn’t see the top of the tower from the bottom…

If I ever do manage to rough out/ get to finish the ideas I’ve had during this time I’ll come back and stick some pictures in this space.

thanks for your patience


An Entangled Bank

Here are the first and second states of ‘an entangled bank”. Read the rest of this entry »

Error: Low Spoons – Reboot?

No pictures this week, I’m giving myself a breathing space to catch up. The last little while has been quite hard in RL, but I woke up this morning feeling things were more manageable again.

There are a slew of posts to catch up on, some of which might appear before tomorrow when this is scheduled. (Or not, but they are appearing now. 25:4:16)
Summer term starts this week at Morley College, with new projects to look forward to. I haven’t abandoned Starcharts or the Eleventh Dimension: they are just leaving off for a little editorial soaking right now.
I’m pleased to say that the more I learn how much there is to know about printing the happier I am. The next six weeks is a more in depth look at etching techniques. Before Easter I went out and bought some nice ink in blue and red so you might be able to guess the subject matter of the plates. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of results I get. The final half term of the year is about producing a series of narrative dry points. It’s been a long time since I showed anything much representational here on my blog, so we’ll see how that goes. Let’s just say I brought some Spring Green ink along with the cerulean and ruby red.
Thank you for you patience.

1/2 Term

This is definitely a time traveling Wednesday post. Over the next few days (that’s mid December IRL) I’ll be posting tales of my Autumnal adventures in the weeks that they originally occurred. Things should make sense eventually once everything is in chronological order.

I can’t believe that six weeks of print classes have flown by. It’s probably more than that now because I’m writing this in November and posting it after the fact.

By the end of the first half of the term I was in a bit of a state. I had got used to the afternoons in the studio, but was still a bit flummoxed about everything. I thought I would have a clear picture of my work, probably Rock, Paper Scissors. But no.

Also I had lots of unfinished work and didn’t know whether I was coming or going. New students get introduced to a lot of new techniques. Some of them are long winded and it’s difficult to wrap them up in the available time.

I’ve been so busy thinking about the visual effects I’m after, I’ve really struggled with my words and with writing. So I apologise for the delay.


We were also introduced to a big national project that I don’t want to talk about yet, but I’ll post a link to it here when I eventually finish my entry.

I’m happiest when I’m tinkering

here I am working in the shed on compositions in six inch squares. different backgrounds and interesting pebbles. no presure.

here I am working in the shed on compositions in six inch squares. different backgrounds and interesting pebbles. no presure.


the shed is turning into a real wunderkammer and i feel it needs a stuffed alligator hanging from the ceiling. here are two reptiles. the search begins.

the shed is turning into a real wunderkammer and i feel it needs a stuffed alligator hanging from the ceiling. here are two reptiles. the search begins.