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Printing hasn’t been gaining particularly smoothly recently and the frustrations have been piling up on a number of different levels. Here’s a look at two projects that haven’t gone strictly according to plan. Read the rest of this entry »


Colour Proofs

So here are the colour proofs for Blaen-y-nant. Read the rest of this entry »


I really enjoyed the Japanese Wood Cut class at summer school and i wanted to learn a bit deeper. So I signed up for more I assumed that ┬áit would follow the same pattern: draw out an image, cut the blocks, prepare paper, print with colours and experiment with he interpretations, but over eight weeks instead of two days. So here’s the first iteration of work.

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Etchings sometime

At Morley College we are working through the techniques and having got a hang of the press and printing we are now moving on to old skool etching with metal plates, acid and the weight of the Western Art Cannon.
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Dry Point Too

While Dry Point is all about the burr, printing plates is about the application of ink. Practice (and experience) makes perfect, but how many prints can you produce in 2.5 hrs. Read the rest of this entry »