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All the Daves

I’ve been concentrating on my words recently so here’s some about climbing. No Daves were damaged in the creation of this piece. Read the rest of this entry »


Off on a trip!

For about 36 hrs earlier this week I was going on a trip over Easter.
My first response was to plan what are materials I would be taking. All my other packing would be fitted around this.


Here you can see the first pass of supplies. Far too many colour pencils. Lots of small pieces of paper.

I sent a few hours staining a booklet of rough paper before the trip was called off. I’ve got to find some there sunny place to fill the book with. But is got me thinking, just what is it that I hope to achieve with all this kit and what’s the best way to go about it.


The Boulder Ladder

I’m attempting to post more regularly, so here’s something I knocked together earlier. With this commitment I might actual write (articulate) more stuff.

I’m sitting under the Boulder Ladder at my local wall. At a glance I can see problems 1 through 5 and 17, of 20. [Problems range in difficulty from V0- to V5.] I’m watching the boulderers and thinking as usual about skill and comprehension of tasks.

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