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Talking not Doing

Month: November, 2013

the journey is the destination 22/11/13



This week i have mainly been looking at Art, (this of course is a pretty lie.) and as i write I’m on my way to the south coast to look at some more. Finally I’m going to see the trees i mentioned in this post.

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Ply-Split Braiding

A Map of Hyper – Space: an update

Finally here is a photo of the whole of my ‘broidery project.


Here you can see how much I’ve done and how much I’ve got left to do. As well as working on the blocks of pattern and diapers of colour I’m also adding more circles. Recently I’ve been adding ‘compass roses’ ahead of the wave front of solid work. But I’ve also planned out finishing all the blocks in rows alone and eleven.

At this rate it’ll be another decade before I finish this project.


The green blob in the middle is a Fibonacci Word Fractal. You can see more here. Some space filling patterns such as early black work embroidery have fractal like properties. So it’s not a total stretch to put in real orthogonal fractals in the work.

Substance – all about noticing

To make ( art or craft – I hope you have all be listening to Greyson Perry’s Reith Lectures) is to take notice.
This week I wanted to talk about one of the modules of my BA (weave) from Farnham. It was all about taking notice. Paying attention to things that might otherwise have gone unreguarded. Substance, in the world of weave, refers to the feel of a fabric: its drape, its weight, its texture. In fabric design, we chose the yarn, the intersection and the finish. All these things go to make up a fabric’s substance. Colour and visual pattern is less than incidental, despite the apparent importance this has in most decisions about fabric choice in the very day*.

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