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Month: August, 2015

Columbus cubes

For someone who only got a D in their applied Maths A-level I’ve always been fascinated by geometry, topology and mathematical curiosites.

This little pamphlet from part of a Tarquin publications book is all that remains of my first foray into the world of rotating rings and hypercubes.

magic cubes, flexisquares, spherical geometry

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Mmm. Shiny… Squirrel!!

Last week I moved the last of my stuff out of storage. (anyone one want a two draw red file cabinet?)

This has given me access to all sorts of projects that have been on hold for a while. (some notes are dated 2008. (at least they are dated.))

I’ve been thinking on so many things that I’ve been struggling with my words. I’ve a number of big posts I’ve been trying to shape into something coherent over the last few weeks but no luck (luck! sheer hard work) yet. Probably because there are too many ideas in a single sentence.

So I wouldn’t be starting anything new, any time soon. Just trying to reinforce and regroup what i all ready know/do. Which is probably too much anyway.

Yet to let you know I haven’t disappeared completely into the August haze.





There is an exhibition of Doll’s Houses at the V&A’s Museum of Childhood in bethnal green. We went on a particularly hot day and peered through the glass as children flowed like the tide around our feet. Read the rest of this entry »

Seasonal Greetings

I was talking with a friend about the process of working through a project and thought it was about time to start thinking about this years cards for the Winter Festivities. Read the rest of this entry »