a map of hyper-space

Talking not Doing

Month: September, 2016


I really enjoyed the Japanese Wood Cut class at summer school and i wanted to learn a bit deeper. So I signed up for more I assumed that  it would follow the same pattern: draw out an image, cut the blocks, prepare paper, print with colours and experiment with he interpretations, but over eight weeks instead of two days. So here’s the first iteration of work.

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Journeys in eleven dimensions

Sometime last spring I was asked to produce an image of the eleventh Dimension. Lucky there was an incursion that week in the back garden and i managed to capture this image.


Then of course I got a little distracted from my Maps of Hyper-space, Star Charts and what have you.

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Making Stars

New term, new opportunities in the print studio. After last years buzzing around chasing butterflies, I would like to settle down and produce something a little more coherent. Last year was a good foundation, but now I would like to go back and pick up some of my dropped stitches and see where they take me.

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Arte Postale – received 2/2

I have at long last received the last of my fellow Morley colleagues post cards. Just in time for the beginning of term. Many thanks to; Lucy, Anna R., Paul, Ailbhe, anon., Brian, Michelle and Bren. Read the rest of this entry »