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Talking not Doing

Month: September, 2012

The Boulder Ladder

I’m attempting to post more regularly, so here’s something I knocked together earlier. With this commitment I might actual write (articulate) more stuff.

I’m sitting under the Boulder Ladder at my local wall. At a glance I can see problems 1 through 5 and 17, of 20. [Problems range in difficulty from V0- to V5.] I’m watching the boulderers and thinking as usual about skill and comprehension of tasks.

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I went away and now I’m back again and it all took much longer than I thought it would. I took my film camera because it has a zoom and because I was inspired by the MA show I attended. Below the cut is a composite picture as I’m rarely content with anything simple.

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Rik Snowley

I’ve just got back from the private view of an acquaintance’s MA in Photography. It was curious. Mostly because I knew his first photography teacher reasonably well. Rik taught City and Guilds photography, at adult education, and a class called Dark Room Magic. I never took any of his courses, but I kind of wish I had done back in the day. He loved making special effects in the dark room, mixing up his own cyanotypes all sorts of difficult to source chemicals. He’d take off for the day and fiddle with his pin hole camera in famous cemeteries… and of course come back with a story or too.

He told great tales. Few of them are repeatable… *

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How ‘A Map of Hyper-space’ got it’s name

This blog is named after a huge embroidery project I have on the go. My grandmother brought back from Palestine in the early ‘40s a piece of canvas measuring almost 1 x 2 meters.

Over ten years ago I started a project using this fabric, dividing it up into 99 rectangles. However I wasn’t really sure what where I was going next. It sat on a shelf until recently.  Now I have a clearer idea of where it’s going.

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She looked down at the tiny boxwood woman, with her eyes demurely lowered, gazing at her hands resting lightly on her withered thighs. There was a marvel there, that you could still sense the strength of her beauty in this representation of that time worn body. She heard movement beside her and took it as frustration, perhaps boredom overcoming politeness. Was he happy to move on, for his revelation to to continue? She could stare into this cabinet for hours moving slowly from one miniature to the next, appreciating the care, the artistry even if now she could only intellectually comprehend the intent.

She had come here with hope.

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Talking v Doing – Part 1 of an occasional series

I was quite happy doing, I was getting good and that left my brain with enough spare capacity to wonder what I was doing. That was my down fall, because I’ve been doing more talking than doing ever since.

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Hello world!

Well that was hardly an original greeting.

While if not terribly literate, I am computer sarcastic, and a paid up member of the long tail. My main technical competencies matured many hundreds of years ago. And I pick and choose the new skills I acquire.

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