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Talking not Doing

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Sometimes I know I get a bit over conscious of what every I’m trying to do. Over thinking things and what not. So while feeding my loom band habit I grabbed a £5 mega craft jar and decided to get stuck in. Read the rest of this entry »


Hodge Podge – 4

Well I was so busy running around and waiting in the queue at the bank I didn’t post this on time.

so I’ve been doing a little bit of everything. here is a picture of a chair to start with. Read the rest of this entry »

Show your work

Every week I try and have something nice and coherent to post here, which means that I don’t all ways manage to post something even though I have something planned. This week I am going to post the bits and pieces that I have gone so you can see what an mix and match my life is

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Hodge Podge – 3

As I indicated last week I have taken up bread making; if you count three loaves in as many weeks as taking up. I was sick of buying seemingly nice loaves from the shops and discovering them to be boring plastic crap. My mum used to make eight pound loaves each week. I think that started because of the bread strike sometimes in the seventies. She made quite dense brown loaves, everyone’s sandwiches used to be much larger than mine. Read the rest of this entry »


Here’s an up date on my everyday pictures. Read the rest of this entry »

Hodge Podge – 2

Another week, some more drawings.

I suppose I really need to sit down and plan what I want to do (first?). What are the most important things for me?

Most of the drawing are re-workings which are at the same time developing techniques and themes.

As well as drawings, I’ve discovered Hopper’s landscapes and been thinking about focus;

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Hodge Podge – 1

Finally I have managed to sit down and do some more painting while at home. Some things about process crystallised as I worked so I’m trying to pin them down before they scuttle away.
Part of the problem is becoming aware of what I subconsciously understand as the practice of various sub-disciplines and what one actually does when one sits down on the day.
What for example is painting? Is it what you do with a paint brush, or is it what you do when you manipulate liquid colour on a surface? Like wise drawing – something you do with a pencil or dry, linear mark making?
Asking these questions makes one realise what silly questions they are. So with out further ado here are some little pictures and some thoughts to go with them. Read the rest of this entry »