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Talking not Doing

I know, I know

I know i’m holding a lot back, or in, or down. I can be honest with myself that far. Anything more than a furious back scribble takes planning and time. Giving me the opportunity to edit out any vulnerabilities.
So there i’ve said it.
I know you’re not going to punch me in the face or laugh scornfully – so maybe i can try it. Making something personal.
It’s not that I have been purposefully working on diversionary tactics. It’s more that the cunning plans have been leading by default. I get fascinated by little things and wander off down cul de sacs.
I have wanted to make emotionally engaged work. I just haven’t known how – or allowed myself and… all that shit. Or maybe space is sufficiently remote to be safe.
The other week I was messing with stuff from magazines and found this –
[well i would post it if i could get the thing to up load]

It stuck out from all the other ones – even though I told myself the composition was unfinished.

I tried to fit it into a square and my sketches failed for lots reasons

  • Starting with the textured paper in the sketch book
  • not keeping the pencils sharp enough

I really wanted it to work, but that involves understanding what spoke to me from the image in the first place.

So after retreating into the Shed to pout I fished out some old sketchbooks with real drawings of real things in them.
Keep an eye out for empty tables and desolate views through windows in the up coming weeks.

Big plate – work in progress

As dry point is a quick process part of this half term was to make a series of related prints. Lat summer I managed ‘to contemplate a tangled bank’*, but this time I haven’t managed anything as comprehensive.

The plates have got bigger, and more self involved. Read the rest of this entry »


You might recognise the plate used in this post from last year. Although it’s been moved on from there a little bit. Read the rest of this entry »

Star wind

For this five week course i’ve been reusing polycarbonate plates i’ve used before. The dry point burr gets squashed by the press after awhile and so the image fades.

In the previous post I detailed the construction of the plate and all the different techniques i put it though. Here are are the resulting prints. All together I managed 10 prints, but you can see the last one is a shadow of it’s former self. Read the rest of this entry »


I have even less idea about what I’m doing for this dry point thing than I did last week, so I thought that if I posted some pictures of work in progress at least I’d have done some work. Read the rest of this entry »

Magic Squares?

This post will definitely make more sense when i’ve posted last week’s exciting episode.
Hopefully… Read the rest of this entry »

Magic Squares!

In November I sort of ground to a halt with the star chart stuff and put it to the side for bit. This january half term teacher is leading another dry point suite class. The last one ended up as a book. I thought I could make some bits for J11D, which could stand alone by themselves.jana-11 Read the rest of this entry »

Upcycling – part 3

In the third week of the class I finally got the size of block I had asked for week one. because I couldn’t soak the blocks before class I only got an afternoons worth of printing done. The work produced therefore is a bit of everything from the last two weeks of the course. Read the rest of this entry »

Upcycling – the road not travelled

One thing the laser cutter does really well is cut out what every lines you give it. That’s because its computer controlled, and so works as well as any tool that isn’t hand guided. Here a bunch of circles, ellipses and rectangles were drafted directly into the laser’s software and cut out. It is then possible to manipulate the resulting shapes as you like.

these shapes reassemble into a 28 x 32 cm rectangle

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Upcycling – Part 2

The plot thickens. Or maybe it’s just the overall level of confusion and wilful ignorance.


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