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Talking not Doing

Finding the way

I found this poem on the back of some writing paper while sorting out stuff to live in the shed. I can only assume I wrote it, as usually I’m better at copying than this. I don’t remember doing so. I expect I composed it a few years ago when I was feeling particularly rudderless.

How could you find a way without a map,
Without a compass and those legs to count the miles?
You could learn to use the sextant,
And hold that fat warm barometer in your hand,
Stand with your legs braced on the heeling deck and read the sun at noon.

How could you find your way without a map?
Storm tossed, running before winds and tides,
Out of sight of land – of breaking waves,
Unannounced shoals, skerries, lagoons.
To float on that unforgiving night time sea
With stars unread, or cloudy moonless skies.

How could you find your way without a map
And having the map find, roads, trade winds; and a destination.





So I got up pretty close and personal with lots of natural phenomena building the shed, not all of it was dead. It was the inanimate patterns that held still long enough to keep my attention as I don’t have a fascinated with invertebrates.

Li is a concept from Chinese philiosophy. It’s often translated as ‘principle’ which I don’t find terrible helpful. I tend to think of Li as the thing-ness of a thing, rather than the ought-ness.
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More trouble with words

The only reason I don’t lie in bed awake at night wondering if there is a dog, is because I’m an atheist and not an agnostic. It seems it’s time for a biannual rank on living with dyslexia. apologies for unoriginality. Read the rest of this entry »

Alternate career?

So if all the art and creative stuff doesn’t work out I think I can now get a job laying out car parks. We’ve demolished a shed and levelled the ground for a new base. Lots of shuffling around on hands and knees, and 850kg of pea shingle. When it stops raining we’ll start on the walls.


Look what sprung up over night!

Cactus update

Spring has sprung, the grass is ris. The succulents are staggering along. I repotted them at the end of the winter and they seem to have survived. One had no roots (vine weevil) and one had scale insects. They go outside in the sunny weather.

The opuntia seem to be coping the best and the Haworthia recovering from being torn inhalf. I shall have to keep feeding them and see how they grow.


Semi precious necklaces

So I’ve been turning some of my brighter pebble papers into jewellery.

You can do some more interesting things with the composition if they are meant to be strung round someones neck. I really want to do a big chunky thing next. What kind of string, hmmm…


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Black Square – part iii

I went to the last weekend of this exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery – One hundred years of Abstract art kicking off with Malevich’s painting of a black square. it was huge and full of words and things.

The first thing I got from the show is how absolutely the world has changed over the last century. How what is acceptable has been overturned so many times, and the difficultly in imagining how revolutionary abstract art first was. There was lots of articles written about the exhibition, here’s one from the Guardian.

Any way I thought I had written about this exhibition at the RA last summer then I would have to witter on too much about this one, but no. At least not here.

One of the question s from the blog hop was: How does my work differ from others of my genre?

I don’t even know what my genre is so how am I going to answer that.

I’ve been thinking a bit about tribes instead – like the art groupies of E1.

I’m sure I’m a member of lots of tribes, there’s the one I look like on the outside and the ones I’m in, in the inside.

One day I’ll find the rest of my right now, making things and thinking tribe. And that will be good.

meanwhile I’ve got things to do. (maybe next time I’ll be a little more articulate – and have read all those books I brought at the whitechapel shop – or atlas looked at the pictures… )



keep you knees in tight – part ii

Where does my work fit? If I knew that I won’t be posting this on this blog. Read the rest of this entry »

jump to the left – part i

Some time in February my friend Phil asked if I’d like to take part in a blog hop about practice and process. As you know I’m happy to talk about my work I just didn’t have anyone to hop onto – kinda shy like that. Here are Phil’s answers. Looking at them I see that the questions are actually quite difficult, but over the next few weeks I’ll take a stab at them.

This time I thought I run through some work that I’ve taken though to completion and what I remember of the process at the time. Next week I want to try to put my work into some kind of wider context. Then finally I might be able to take about why I do the stuff I do and not something else.

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A desiccated corpse

There actually is a picture of said corpse below the fold. You have been warned.

This post should probably have been called ‘uses for that engineering degree part ii’, but a bit of mummification is better click bait.

So in real life we are getting a new shed type object for the garden. Which will involve a lots of doing now the talking part has taken place. Read the rest of this entry »


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