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Talking not Doing

Draw Flower, Print Flower

This half term the class has been learning about photopolymer printing. We’ve either been drawing on True Grain film* or printing out digital images to use to develop the light sensitive plate.

I’ve only managed to do the drawing bit…

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My coping strategies aren’t working at the moment so some one I trust suggested I take a holiday from my Ought To Do List.

Brilliant, I thought, I can get on with the Things I Would Be Doing if RealLife ™ wasn’t kicking back so hard.

Yeah. No. … …

I’ve slowly been collecting the different sizes of those pompom widgets, and the other day’s retail therapy netted me a 115mm diameter one. I have a good friend who uses pompoms to keep track of her keys and I missed her birthday recently.

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Last week i saw the Oceania exhibition at the Royal Academy. This week its Halloween and we are making masks. There is a relationship between those to statements, but im not going into it on my phone

Here’s mine: Cold and Flu

Heavy weight watercolour paper shaped around a form. I even made flour and water paste. And built the nose with instructions from a box of Flu meds – hence the theme.


A bit of an obsession!

Who am I kidding this is all back story: last year I was crocheting hyperbolic surfaces and came across a video for branching hyperbolic crochet. Which leads long-story-short to the thing which I am mainly making now – a form that branches, that may or may not be a fractal and may end up consuming all my yarn budget before I put a stake through its heart. Or,          …shiny!

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Refurbishing Eden

So one of the many things i am working on is sorting out the house. Which means different furniture and trips to big box stores.

Which leads to little boxes, and littler boxes within them.

They might end up as some kinds of colourful wall construction or they might end up in the recycling with the rest of the cardboard.

Ill keep you posted


Palace of the Red Roof

On Tuesdays I facilitate art in the under 10s. Yesterday we did painting. And then i came home and made this using the left over paint

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I ent dead

And here’s a painting to prove it

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Flower type Things

So I was, I am, bored of scratchy, screaming – abstract non representational orange things (NROT).

But what else to do, something to catch the scratchy screaming feeling (and maybe later not so much) that doesn’t feel that much too close to the bone. Because although NROT have been about keeping things at arms length as much as they have been about composition and other art concept stuff. Read the rest of this entry »

Not everything has to be orange 2

I’m going to leave this one as an exercise for the reader


Not everything has to be orange 1

So the radio silence does have a really big reason. Ive taken up forensic accounting and in my spare time trying to make something light and amusing.

Second ones a close up

Too saccharine?

Definitely not finished.

Ruined another frock on this one


I’ll be ready to write about the big reason at some point