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Some thoughts on stones

The last couple of weeks between loom band necklaces and (scheduled) head colds I’ve been thinking about rocks.

Most of what happens to rocks occurs in the dark, underground. When I look at them on the surface, either as outcrops or as little stones that have broken off and rolled around, I try to imagine what happened to give them their appearance.

It’s not easy.
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Ichnofacies, Geodes and Vugs

On the beach at Whitstable I found some tiny pebbles, full of holes. I’d been making holes in my poor bleached papers so I went back to my sketch books to see what other holes I had observed. You can define holes in stones in a number of different ways – Ichnofacies  Geodes and  Vugs are just a start.

Here’s a selection of holes and ideas of holes.


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Last week we went to see Thea Porter exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey.

In the shop were necklaces made from loom bands. They were pretty basic, just loads of loom bands shoved on to a cord. I thought I could do much better.

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A finished Piece

"Walk" 30 x 100 cm mixed media

30 x 100 cm
mixed media

So I’ve had actually managed to finish something to my satisfaction. It didn’t turn out quite as I imagined, but then I was trying to recreate an impression rather than something I saw. Read the rest of this entry »

Is realism necessary – part ii

Is realism necessary? – part i

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My Dad’s Chair

Yesterday I was thinking about stuff, and how it passes though your life. When we were little my Dad always sat in a bent wood arm chair at the table. When he died my brother had the chair. I would recognise it anywhere: the colour, the grain on the seating. When I tried to draw it though I wasn’t sure of its geometry. What was the back like? How many legs? Legs?

Here’s a drawing.

This is not a chair

This is not a chair

Then I realised that yesterday Dad would have been been 72
Happy Birthday Dad.


Charlie’s Arm

On friday we went to Cambridge, to the Fitzwilliam, to see Silent Partners: Artist & Mannequin from Function to Fetish.


I grew up with our own lay figure. He’s always been a rather silent remote figure, about 1/3 life size. A long time ago someone broke Charlie’s Elbow. Ever since he’s cradled it on his lap. He was rescued from a life of target practice.


I did another drawing after this one. A kind of g*d finger Sistine Chapel style, but it didn’t come out as well. I think I straightened it out too much. Or maybe I was getting tired.

This drawing from life is a challenge.

All the best


By the River

So a New Year, and New Year Resolutions.

I’ve just one. Leave the house every day. Everything else will grow from these foundations

Don’t worry I haven’t been sitting around moping – you know I have plenty to do all day.

But getting out, getting some exercise, getting a new perspective is what 2015 should be about.

Where to go though when I don’t have an errand to run? Where to go what ever the weather?

By the river – 1/2 a mile of nature and activity, 1 1/2 miles of suburban back streets.

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*** is in the details

Over the last couple of months I’ve posted about lots of different projects, not all of them finished on publication. They aren’t abandoned; they’re maturing. Often I’ve run into problems and hitches that I need to sort out before I can proceed. Today I want to talk to about addressing some of my pebble problems. Read the rest of this entry »


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