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Upcycling – Part 1

Knocking around the print studio at Morley college for the last year has been a big red box. It’s actually a laser cutter and one the staff have been reluctant to let the students play with – what with the fire risk and blinding hazard and all.

Over  the first three weeks of December, the department have run a short course of relief printing with an exploration of the laser cutter’s capacity at the heart of it. Read the rest of this entry »


An Alphabet of Geography

Alphabet Exhibition

Phil Cooper and I have are Alphabets up at Clive Hicks-Jenkin’s Artlog. I wrote about the process earlier.

I  haven’t shown my work to many people recently and the attention is rather overwhelming. So thank you to Phil for suggesting I join in, Clive for the idea in the first place and everyone else for your lovely comments.


I enjoyed combining the different techniques, some were new to me. I looked for the medium that communicated the concept behind the geography in the best way.

An Alphabet for Clive