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The Roaches

This last weekend was spent in a rather misty Staffordshire. An exciting experiment in working in ever changing light conditions. We stayed at Rock Hall right under the rocks. On Saturday the visibility was so poor you couldn’t see the Upper Tier from the top of the Lower Tier, but by the after the whole valley was in bright sun. I like working with the very flat light you get in over cast weather, but it didn’t make modelling the grit stone boulders any easier. All these images were made on site, some in situ, some back at the table outside Rock Hall, instead of balance precariously on damp rocks. Read the rest of this entry »


Like water under a bridge

Last weekend I was up in the Peak. In the heat on Saturday, up on Dovestone Tor on Derwent Edge, eveything was very bright and still. Of course I left my camera in my tent.

Crookstone Out Moor in the afternoon haze.

Crookstone Out Moor in the afternoon haze.

There was lots to look at, and lots to draw… but were to start and what to chose. Read the rest of this entry »