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Month: April, 2014

Geoff#2 and the Geoff-ettes

multiple Geoffs

multiple Geoffs

So the Geoffs multiply and once you get your hand in there is no stopping.

But working at different scales is challenging. There are different things to worry about. The Geoff-ettes are made from a single piece of plasticine. Geoff#2 has a significant substructure and lots of measuring and remodelling. He’ll get teeth soon I promise.










Introducing Geoff the Hippo

For reasons best kept to myself at the moment, in the next month, I will be building a full size Hippopotamus. Here are the first steps towards that goal.

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Off on a trip!

For about 36 hrs earlier this week I was going on a trip over Easter.
My first response was to plan what are materials I would be taking. All my other packing would be fitted around this.


Here you can see the first pass of supplies. Far too many colour pencils. Lots of small pieces of paper.

I sent a few hours staining a booklet of rough paper before the trip was called off. I’ve got to find some there sunny place to fill the book with. But is got me thinking, just what is it that I hope to achieve with all this kit and what’s the best way to go about it.


Pastel colours

Hodge Podge – 3

As I indicated last week I have taken up bread making; if you count three loaves in as many weeks as taking up. I was sick of buying seemingly nice loaves from the shops and discovering them to be boring plastic crap. My mum used to make eight pound loaves each week. I think that started because of the bread strike sometimes in the seventies. She made quite dense brown loaves, everyone’s sandwiches used to be much larger than mine. Read the rest of this entry »