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The second book we are going to make in class, in addition to the concertina, is a stab bound pocket book. This is very simple to construct as you just sew the pages together. Traditionally there is one big difference between the two book types.  Read the rest of this entry »


Fiery Pearls of Wisdom

Part of the narrative of the origami pot is that the Dragons have left off hunting the Fiery Pearl to stop for a cup of tea. Therefore the Pearl has to go somewhere on the pot and I’ve put it is on the lid.

The question though is how and where and when? Read the rest of this entry »

Samples 3 – Origami

Intaglio printing is all about subtle changes in hight within the plate were you can trap ink. Some origami forms have a great variation in the number of layers across the finished piece. The experiment I did here was with the Pinwheel tessellation. (not technically origami as you have to cut the paper to get the effect.) Looking for a link for you I’ve discovered lots of different Pinwheels so… confusion. Read the rest of this entry »

Griffith Cracks

I have finally managed to pick up a book I ordered way back when I wrote this post. Not only that I’ve read most of it even though it’s full of words like diffusion-limited aggregation, dense-branching morphology and self similarity.

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So I got up pretty close and personal with lots of natural phenomena building the shed, not all of it was dead. It was the inanimate patterns that held still long enough to keep my attention as I don’t have a fascinated with invertebrates.

Li is a concept from Chinese philiosophy. It’s often translated as ‘principle’ which I don’t find terrible helpful. I tend to think of Li as the thing-ness of a thing, rather than the ought-ness.
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Black Square – part iii

I went to the last weekend of this exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery – One hundred years of Abstract art kicking off with Malevich’s painting of a black square. it was huge and full of words and things.

The first thing I got from the show is how absolutely the world has changed over the last century. How what is acceptable has been overturned so many times, and the difficultly in imagining how revolutionary abstract art first was. There was lots of articles written about the exhibition, here’s one from the Guardian.

Any way I thought I had written about this exhibition at the RA last summer then I would have to witter on too much about this one, but no. At least not here.

One of the question s from the blog hop was: How does my work differ from others of my genre?

I don’t even know what my genre is so how am I going to answer that.

I’ve been thinking a bit about tribes instead – like the art groupies of E1.

I’m sure I’m a member of lots of tribes, there’s the one I look like on the outside and the ones I’m in, in the inside.

One day I’ll find the rest of my right now, making things and thinking tribe. And that will be good.

meanwhile I’ve got things to do. (maybe next time I’ll be a little more articulate – and have read all those books I brought at the whitechapel shop – or atlas looked at the pictures… )



Ichnofacies, Geodes and Vugs

On the beach at Whitstable I found some tiny pebbles, full of holes. I’d been making holes in my poor bleached papers so I went back to my sketch books to see what other holes I had observed. You can define holes in stones in a number of different ways – Ichnofacies  Geodes and  Vugs are just a start.

Here’s a selection of holes and ideas of holes.


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Is realism necessary – part ii

*** is in the details

Over the last couple of months I’ve posted about lots of different projects, not all of them finished on publication. They aren’t abandoned; they’re maturing. Often I’ve run into problems and hitches that I need to sort out before I can proceed. Today I want to talk to about addressing some of my pebble problems. Read the rest of this entry »

Pretty Patterns

Recently I had a look at ‘A Map of Hyper Space’ whicht has rather fallen behind with all the other grand projects I have in hand. The design process is all set up now, with a good supply of colours and a big pile of geometric patterns. Theoretically I could draw out the whole Map on graph paper and then read off the chart as all the patterns used on the map at counted. But that would be the heat death of the universe in terms of creativity.

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