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Show your work

Every week I try and have something nice and coherent to post here, which means that I don’t all ways manage to post something even though I have something planned. This week I am going to post the bits and pieces that I have gone so you can see what an mix and match my life is

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Horatio, formally known as Geoff…

A hippo has settled in at Wimbledon in time for this years Championships.
He is there to ensure the ground staff keep the lawns in tip top condition and that the queue doesn’t get too rowdy.


Here he is bedding down for the weekend.
The pyramid he is swimming in has the same volume of the 54,250 tennis balls used during the championship. All these balls have a combined weight equal to an adult male hippo.

He hasn’t got the feet for taking selfies so here is the next best thing…


You can follow Geoff Horatio @wimbledonhippo if that is the kind of thing you like to do.
Or you can visit him in person every morning in the queue, or otherwise by appointment.

On our way to Wimbledon

My big hippo project over the last couple of months has been for Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum’s Community Art Project 2014. In case you are wondering – the project was about Tennis Balls. It turns out that all the balls used during Wimbledon fortnight weigh the same as an adult hippo. So it makes perfect sense to create Geoff#3 who is finally realised. Tomorrow his head will be off to join his body at Church Road and await for the the Championship to start. Read the rest of this entry »

In our cups

Water plants: the Hippo’s environment

As well as a Hippo I have been making some water plants to accompany big Geoff.
Water lettuce is a native of the waterways of Central Africa. Water hyacinth, however, is an invasive, introduced species. It does have pretty lavender flowers though.

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Working without a work shop

Geoff #3 is beginning to take shape. It’s been a steep learning curve. On reflection I think the most difficult thing has been the planning. We are working in a borrowed space and so everything has to be brought in. You don’t realise the variety of stuff one needs.

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Geoff#2 and the Geoff-ettes

multiple Geoffs

multiple Geoffs

So the Geoffs multiply and once you get your hand in there is no stopping.

But working at different scales is challenging. There are different things to worry about. The Geoff-ettes are made from a single piece of plasticine. Geoff#2 has a significant substructure and lots of measuring and remodelling. He’ll get teeth soon I promise.









Introducing Geoff the Hippo

For reasons best kept to myself at the moment, in the next month, I will be building a full size Hippopotamus. Here are the first steps towards that goal.

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