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That degree in engineering was useful for something…

This year I finally succumbed to an ikea pepparkaka hus. Of course it was never going to be sufficient to cover the thing with smarties so I got some extra gingerbread dough for home improvements. Here’s the finished home.

Holly Cottage

Holly Cottage

Below you can follow the construction which satisfied my inner Engineer and QS.

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Hodge Podge – 3

As I indicated last week I have taken up bread making; if you count three loaves in as many weeks as taking up. I was sick of buying seemingly nice loaves from the shops and discovering them to be boring plastic crap. My mum used to make eight pound loaves each week. I think that started because of the bread strike sometimes in the seventies. She made quite dense brown loaves, everyone’s sandwiches used to be much larger than mine. Read the rest of this entry »