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Month: November, 2016

Night on a bare mountain

Here’s a quick up date on an etching plate that’s had very slow progress.


Apologies for the terrible scan. The print got folded up on the journey home.

Bu it really is a very dark image. And only a bit darker than i had an anticipated. I used white ground to build up the composition over an aquatint before etching. White Ground is a mixture of chalk, oil and soap; only i think my recipe must be a bit wrong because it makes these tiny white bubbles instead of more solid areas of white. only the light reflected on the lake in the centre of the image has any solidity.

It’s kind of getting there composition wise. I’ve got to sit down with the plate and burnish some areas paler for highlights. And, maybe borrow a roulette for the shadows. And do something with the sky, because there is much more of it than in the original drawing.

Update: 20 Dec

Here’s some rather enthusiastic burnishing. And possibly over wiping. I did try the roulette for the ‘invisible’ bat over the tree but at didn’t work out. The plate now has a hard ground on and part of my holiday chores will be working back into the over done areas. Here come the dots    .   . . …….. . .      .       .                    .    ..  . . .       . so many tiny dots.


it’s so weird how it changes it’s appearance as it changes scale. the plate is almost A4, the original sketch is A6

The bat in the centre of the image definitely needs to be knocked back a long with the lumpy grass on the right, and the mountainside in the centre. I’m sure i could tinker with this for ever.

And put a proper bevel on the poor thing.



Losing the Plot (a bit)

I’ve been struggling with the star charts, and so they have fallen away somewhat while i’ve dealt with all the other projects I’ve managed to involve my self with. It’s taken awhile to get everything sorted out it my head let alone on paper, so this is why this post is being written in January even though the problem arose in November.* Read the rest of this entry »

Signaling from mars


oragne?/orange… and that’s a little book of Fabriano paper, the one thing in this project that isn’t orange 

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Zombie Toads

Likewise here are some toad prints. Original size image area A6.I think I will experiment with over printing the pale grey ones.

MER Read the rest of this entry »

Colour Proofs

So here are the colour proofs for Blaen-y-nant. Read the rest of this entry »