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Month: August, 2016

August Hiatus

This is definitely a time travel Wednesday post. Real Life certainly got in the way of the second half of August. I spent far to much time bimbling in the Surrey Hills with aged relatives. Which would have been nice if I could have stopped for some drawing or some such.

Like the time we went to Leith Hill and it was so misty you couldn’t see the top of the tower from the bottom…

If I ever do manage to rough out/ get to finish the ideas I’ve had during this time I’ll come back and stick some pictures in this space.

thanks for your patience



All the Daves

I’ve been concentrating on my words recently so here’s some about climbing. No Daves were damaged in the creation of this piece. Read the rest of this entry »

Arte Postale – received 1/2

I have already received some of Morley students postcards. Many thanks to: Emma, Alison, Trista, Tony, Sue, Adam and Anna. Read the rest of this entry »